Following the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, the Tax Credit and other program requirements for eligibility includes: being 62 years of age or older, meeting income guidelines. However, some properties accept mobility, hearing and visually impaired individuals that are below 62 years of age as well. Rents for some of the apartments are 30% of a person’s adjusted gross income, while others are flat rents for low income families, Check your eligibility now.

Most HUD subsidized communities listings do not have published rates. They are based on 30% of the renter’s adjustable gross income. Other rents are published in the Florida Housing website on an annual basis by program type. You will need to contact the community to determine if you qualify for income based rent.

Your Preliminary Application confirms preliminary eligibility for the program and that you meet all qualifications before you join our waiting list.

The demand for rent-adjusted, lower-income housing greatly exceeds the limited supply. By pre-qualifying each applicant, we make sure everyone on our waiting list is legally able to apply under the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rules and other program requirements. This makes your final application and all other paperwork much smoother and faster for you if/when an open unit becomes available.

Your final application gathers more required information for eligibility verification purposes.

Yes. You will receive a letter from our community(ies) that shares your pre-application status either way (approved or denied). The letter will also request that you contact us if there have been any changes since you submitted your Pre-Application information, and will give you an opportunity to appeal the decision if anything changed.

Someone from the community team will contact you within 14-30 days after receipt of your completed Pre-Application. To avoid delays or mistaken denials, please check your information very carefully before you submit it to make sure all areas are completely filled out and there are no errors.

Once your pre-application is approved you will either be added to a lotto drawing and advised weather or not your pre-application is randomly selected to be added to our waiting list or you will be added based on the date and time of the pre-application if the lotto drawing has already been conducted and pre-applications are still being taken.

Yes – it’s a good idea to locate these documents, so you’re ready if we contact you about an open apartment. You’ll need your Social Security card, immigration status, proof of birth, income and asset information.

Yes you can. No Power of Attorney is needed to assist an applicant. You can also suggest that the individual reach out to our property team directly, if the applicant has a disability requiring reasonable accommodation. Our staff members will be glad to assist! Just click on any of the properties to find the specific contact information you need.

We provide the phone numbers and email addresses of the community to make it easy for you to communicate with someone directly.

Yes, maintenance of all units is handled by the maintenance staff at each building.

Most of our buildings have a security guard during the evenings, seven days per week and security cameras. Other properties have intercom systems and security cameras.

Every building offers different types of activities that are usually handled by the Social Services Coordinator at the properties. Some communities offer computer rooms, library, card rooms, gym, exercise classes, health lectures, bingo and other scheduled events and activities.

No, everyone is welcome to apply regardless of religious denominations.

Yes, one domesticated pet per household is allowed. There are other requirements that will be explained at final interview or move in.

No, all of our buildings are smoke-free. There are designated smoking areas outside of the building